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May Energy Update & Healing Circle Invitation for May 6th

I have a secret to share with you.

Throughout my time as a healer, I held a deep belief that I couldn’t heal myself. Carrying this burden felt like lugging around a heavy suitcase that had traveled with me through many lifetimes. While I excelled in guiding others on their healing journeys, I struggled with my own. It has been a true gift to unpack this belief and step into full trust in my collaboration with Spirit to heal and live fully.

Telling you this makes me feel self conscious.

But, let’s be honest. These days, it feels really important to be authentic, real and I have never felt more open and ready to release last bits of old ancestral beliefs.

April was like a huge tsunami that came and wiped away all the muck that has been holding us back, including those old beliefs holding us back.

And now, we step into May.

And you are invited to the Healing Circle to step into all that you are; your Radiant Self. See more details below!

May feels expansive, healing, and radiant. May feels like we will reap the benefits of all that we uncovered in April and shine a light on our true inner radiance.

Doesn’t the world need your true, radiant light to shine fully?

May shows us that we are truly miraculous when we step into co-creation with the power of Spirit. It is time to stop seeking external remedies from outside of ourselves, and to truly self-facilitate ourselves and become more radiant by becoming more self-reliant.

The shift for me in truly believing that I could heal was the secret to May energy:

The power that created us can heal us. Why? Because our cells and our energy are made of Spirit. We carry energy centers inside of us that are here to teach us to plug into the radiant energy of Spirit.

When things are tough, and they are right now for a lot of us, we are here to remember that the energy of gratitude, love, strength, balance, equanimity, and even the Divine are all residing right inside of our own bodies.

Now, it’s time to treat that vessel with more love than ever before. Because it needs us to be radiant.

This is how I remember that I am healed, whole, home and grounded. The power that created me is healing me everyday.

In this video, I extend an invitation to the Healing Circle, a community of extraordinary, spiritual, complete, and beautiful women who share my desire to navigate life with a touch of magic and see the world as enchanting.

Interested in joining us?

It’s a spiritual evolution. Or a community. Whatever it may be… Just come and join us!

Here are some other things you can expect from the Healing Circle community:

✨Powerful energy healing to release stress and outdated energy

✨Strong personal support through intuitive guidance

✨Energy updates for the month based on the new/full moon

✨Belief Healings to release what no longer serves you or your ancestral line

✨Strong community and connection to others in the circle

✨Receive a monthly song infused with Guided Energy Medicine™ to assist you in aligning your body and soul, calming your nervous system, nourishing your physical vessel, and recalibrating your energy.

✨Receive monthly practices and rituals exploring the quantum realm, inner realm, and ancestral realm to heal, commune with Spirit, and receive energetic upgrades, messages, and guidance.


Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado


Join us as we explore our roots, our joy, our spirit,
and our vision. We gather In-person twice monthly
for three months. And if you are called to join us...

Come to Circle!

Our Healing Circle happens the 1st Monday of every month via ZOOM. Reserve your seat at Circle.
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