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The Power of Releasing Old Beliefs

Perhaps the most powerful healing I have ever done and offered in my practice is limiting belief work. Limiting belief work assists you in releasing limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind,  from your energy field, your body, and all other layers of your being. We can lead a healthy life and do all the yoga in the world but still harbor limiting beliefs deep into our subconscious and even conscious minds.  

True transformation happens when we are willing to uproot those deeper beliefs that have been carried around like heavy baggage through our lifetimes and generations.  

In this video, I talk about the incredible benefits of ongoing limiting belief work and discuss the method in which I offer belief work from the Quantum field.  This work has been life-changing for myself, my family, and my clients.  

We will also explore how:

✨Our minds often control our beliefs, and we need to shift our focus to our spirit, soul, and body.

✨Connecting with our bodies and releasing ancestral beliefs is essential for personal transformation.

✨The quantum field is where magic and miracles happen, and we can access it through movement, expression, and prayer.

✨Beliefs that no longer serve us can be released by shining a light on them and committing to the work of transformation.

Here’s a little secret:

My witchy friends and I have been tossing our beliefs into a collective cauldron where we stir them up feed them to the fire and alchemize them into beliefs that are true and helpful.  Talk about magic! We have seen miracles happen! 

Sending love,

Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado


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