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Shamanic Energy Tools to Awaken Your Power, and Transform Your Energy and Your Life

I used to be an exhausted empath. As a child, I felt the world was unsafe and that I was too sensitive to endure this world. In truth, I came into this world with issues of feeling unsafe, vulnerable and not really sure I could handle what life brought to me. These feelings increased through outside influences and were enhanced by well-meaning adults and society that taught children to be seen and not heard, and to stuff emotions down instead of feeling them. I learned fast that life could be unpredictable, and it was far better to be quiet and agreeable than to use my voice or rock the boat.

But in nature, I found my magic. I would connect and talk to animals, feel their thoughts and their heart. I loved being outside and felt my body and energy relax and open up in a way that I never could do when I was inside. In nature, I heard the whisperings of my heart and felt my voice fill with so much power that often scared me! In nature and with animals, I was finally safe. I wasn’t conscious of the dichotomy of opening and closing depending on where I was in the world. But as I grew older, I felt that memory arise as I began to harness my voice and allow the Divine healing wisdom to flow through me.

It is in nature that I grew to play with energy, see colors and feel my body and spirit heal and finally feel safe. It is in nature that I finally owned and allowed my shamanic channel to come through to bring in healing energy for my clients. While each session and group is different, shaman energy healing is the awakening of the divine nature of who you are and your connection to Spirit while traveling to the origin of what pains you–to finally live in the truth and oneness that you truly are.

Healing energy comes from the river of Spirit herself. We all have the capacity to feel our own healing energy. We can get quiet and listen to the still, small voice within that is here to direct us on a loving and healing path. Healing energy flows from Spirit into your body to clear and help illicit emotions that have been stored, which blocks our connection to our greatest truth and Spirit. 

LIfe is constantly teaching us lessons for growth: relationship changes, divorce, death, transitions, loss, illness, parenting, and more. How do we navigate the ongoing changes and lessons being thrown our way? We talk to friends, discuss with a therapist, and run circles in our head about our decisions and how to handle life. We have doubt, fear, anxiety and grief. We cover up our pains with food, alcohol, over-shopping and over-watching Netflix.  

Energy and Shaman Healing are tools to navigate the turning and changing world we live in. It is a direct connection to the deeper wisdom in your body, spirit and heart. It is a channel of life force energy that not only clears the blocks from your body, but also opens you to your own magic and your deepest wisdom. You are your own healer, and opening to your natural healing energies allows you to rely on deeper Source wisdom instead of your head. This realignment allows us to heal on a very deep level.

Shaman healing combined with energy healing allows you to travel deeper into your roots to release and uncover patterns of behaviors, addictions and issues that stem from both your past lives and ancestral lineage. With this deeper awareness, the shaman healer can not only help you understand where the origin of your issues come from, but also clear energetically, emotionally and even, depending on the severity, physically as well. In addition to exploring the traumas that have occurred in this lifetime, Shaman healing also examines where your soul has been hiding and stuck in the past. From this knowledge, with the help of a spirit animal, the shaman can retrieve your stuck soul and free up energy in the body, relationship issues, imbalances and old beliefs. Many people feel a sense of freedom and empowerment when these issues are released, as well as feeling finally whole.  

While there are many tools to feel empowered and travel the road of becoming your own healer and tuning into your own energy and vibration, there are a few that stand out to help you get to the origin of your struggles in order to clear them and feel more alive and connected.

Ancestral Clearing:

Your family’s past may be the key to healing your present and future generations. The power of ancestral healing can start with you! When you create the quiet space to connect with and explore who your healed and whole ancestors are, you can then invite them to help you in healing the unhealed trauma and suffering that has been passed down for generations. When negative imprints are eliminated from your current life and ancestral lineage, you begin living from a clean canvas of possibility so that you can:

  • Feel comfortable, vital, and healthy in your body.

  • Connect to Source in a real and tangible way.

  • Realize your soul purpose.

  • Enjoy the career and financial success that may have been eluding you.

  • Desire only foods that support your health, well-being, and ideal weight.

  • Eliminate self-sabotage.

  • Enhance your intuition.

  • Effortlessly trust your inner-guidance.

  • Attract fulfilling relationships.

Get Aligned With Your Soul Purpose

Every human being has a unique energetic signature, or soul purpose, that connects them to specific energies that are meant to support them on their path. Our soul signature is personal and consists of your own magic. If you are a city person living in the middle of the wilderness, you aren’t aligned with your magic. If you are meant to work with your hands, but work on Wall Street, you are out of alignment. When we are aligned with our divine signatures, we connect with our soul people, soul opportunities, and experiences that are harmonic and supportive.

Speak Aloud

When we are clearing old energy, opening to our alignment, and harnessing our true power, speaking aloud is a profound way to strengthen the bridge between our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Speaking aloud, to yourself, the Divine, Spirit guides, or whomever you imagine, allows any stuck emotions and blocks to release from your body. Practice closing your eyes, or even speaking aloud to yourself on a walk, expressing exactly your feelings, your struggles and your triggers to release them from the grips of your body. This clears and aligns the energy with the Divine and not the emotions that typically are fleeting and change at any moment.

Energy and Shaman healing are profound, life changing and empowering healing modalities, especially when used together. Used together, we are able to clear your past, heal your present and look forward to a brighter future. Being able to be an energy healer and a shamanic channel allows me to not only use my voice and feel finally whole, but also offer intuitive guidance and healing from my Divine Team, to you, in order to finally live whole, healed and fully YOU in the Afternoon of Life. 

Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado


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