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You are a Miracle, You are the One, you are divine✨

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The greatest breakthrough I have seen as a healer is the awareness in a client’s eyes when they realize how incredibly powerful and miraculous they truly are.

At some point, a Light turns on inside of them. They are Home and Free inside r their bodies. The mind no longer holds tightly to protection and fear. The past is just old stories that don’t define them any longer but were necessary roadblocks to coming Home to the Spirit that lives inside of the very places they have run from.

I like to think of our journey to the Light as a mystical map that we have had to turn on our inner eyesight to follow and see through the facade and traps that keep us stuck and insecure.

As I peer into my mystical map of life, I see the hints of Spirit peering through my darkness to help me navigate into truly believing that I am the One I have always been searching for.

You may think that’s egocentric of me to think that I am the One.

But you are the One as well.

All the running leads us right back to the Source of who we truly are.

If you are reading this and you are struggling with the idea of Oneness and Unity within; keep on reading and maybe acknowledge that the mind is protecting you from the embodied light that you truly are.

How do we get to that Light within?

I’m going to spend the next few weeks helping us dive into this mystical map we innately all have and don’t often know how to use.

Yes, it is about raising your awareness and consciousness. But we need a map, a guidebook to help us navigate the uncharted waters of our own body and soul.

I remember when I lived on top of a mountain in a village in Israel. It felt quiet, nourishing, and peaceful. And yet, many of my children were experiencing challenging situations and I didn’t know how to help them or how to navigate this uncharted territory we were in.

This is where my inner mystical map showed itself to me. And I have been using it ever since.

It is the power of the elements that are inside of us to help us open to the inner Home and Light of our soul. Earth, water, air, and fire are the mystical pathways that direct us to live in love and light on a day-to-day basis.

You are the One. I am the One. We are One. Imagine awakening to the mystic inside of you when you start living and believing that you are Oneness. That is life-changing.

Stay tuned this month for my next blogs on this Mystic Map of the Elements and how they lead us to live in heaven on Earth right inside of your own body and soul!

Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado


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