Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado

I want your life to be so beautiful that you can't even believe you live here.

How are you doing? the Eclipse energy has been pretty intense, so I wanted to check in with you. Many of you have expressed feeling guided and riding the waves. While others have been feeling exhausted and not having a clear plan for what comes next in your life.
And truthfully, me too! I’m feeling all of it!

In this video, we will explore how to:
✨Stay grounded and spiritually responsible while pursuing your purpose.
✨Embrace your story and use it as a tool for healing and awakening.
✨Life is a continuous journey of revisiting and diving deeper into your soul’s purpose.
✨Release old stories, tend to emotions, and vibrate at a higher level to create real change.
✨Tend to your body, listen to its needs, and vibrate at a different level to achieve 5D consciousness.
✨View anxiety and fear as messages and opportunities for growth and compassion.

This is truly a time of clearing out the old and opening to the new. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support as you navigate these waves!

My monthly Healing Circle online is a perfect way to feel supported and grounded while you journey through these new waves.


Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado


Join us as we explore our roots, our joy, our spirit,
and our vision. We gather In-person twice monthly
for three months. And if you are called to join us...

Come to Circle!

Our Healing Circle happens the 1st Monday of every month via ZOOM. Reserve your seat at Circle.
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