Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado

The Power of Collective Prayer
Honoring Our Israeli Brothers and Sisters

You are invited to join a Prayer Circle to honor our Israeli brothers and sisters, and the souls that were tragically murdered.

During times of great sadness and despair, collective prayer has the ability to uplift and heal. As we near the end of the shiva, the traditional seven-day mourning period after the loss of a loved one, we must find the strength to rise again. Not only for ourselves but also for our fellow Israeli brothers and sisters who are mourning as well. Am Israel chai. Israel lives. And so must we.

Let us sing, pray, and open our hearts to the Light. This is an excellent opportunity for all those who support love and life to join our hearts together.

Although we may not have control over the events that have caused our grief, we can control our response to it. Through prayer, we can find hope and healing together.

Dates: Monday, October 16th
Time: 6:30 pm MT
Location: Virtual over Zoom

Ariela HaLevi - Denver Colorado


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